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I shoot what happens in front of the lens:
the life I live, the people I meet, things that fly by. I shoot life,
but that doesn’t make me a killer photographer.
What happens in the darkroom stays there.
I used Lightroom until Adobe turned gringe with subscriptions only.
Now PP is done with C1Pro11.
I also play with clay: turn, glaze and burn.
Max Dahlstrand / max.dahlstrand@gmail.com / +46 (0)704 53 40 72 / www.m9x.se
Camera gear at the moment
Ricoh GR ii (goodie, good, good)
Leica M-P 240
Leica EVF2
Leica Super-Elmar-M 18 mm Asph.
Leica Summicron M 35 mm (vers. 4, aka ”King of Bokeh”)
Leica Summilux 50 mm
Leica Summicron APO 75 mm
Minolta mini tripod
Billingham Hadley Pro
Gear probably soon to be on the ”gear-of-the-past”-list
All called Leica
Gear of the past
Leica M9
Leica Elmarit 28 mm Asph. Vers. 1
Leica Summilux 50 mm Asph.
Leica Tele-Elmarit 90 mm
National Geographic mini bag
Canon 5D Mark i
Canon L 24-105 mm
Sigma 16 mm
Canon 350D with kit lens
Canon G7
Casio (camera something)
Polaroid SX 70
Minolta 7000
Leica R4
Hasselblad C500 with 80 mm 1:2.8
Nikon F3T (HP)
Pottery gear
Shimpo RK 3-E Pottery wheel
Ruben Lind 10 kW Front fed ceramik oven 1300°C