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Islam, for me, is the order in which Creation is brought into existance through submittance to God. I never saw it as a religion, rather a system in which everything has a certain place. Acceptance to it makes way for a harmonous life, resistance to it creates hardship and turmoil. Live your life in the flow of God and make the best out of you, or live against it and be miserable. In this sence, Islam is not only for us humans, but for everything to be what it is intended to be: the atom to linger around it’s core; the flower to spread it’s petals; the stars to form a sky; and the thought to find it’s ways in our mind. What this realization has done to people through out all human ages is evident in the peek of all civiliation’s art, philosophy, litterature and spirituality. In the Muslim world of today one can still find scattered enlighted people that live in this flow, and these are the people I want to share through my photography. And some photos are here just because I think they are beautiful. And God loves beauty.