Max Dahlstrand Pottery

About me

In the end of 80's beginning of 90's I studied art and architecture at, back then not so, but now very esteemed, Savannah College of Art and Design in the USA.

After that I worked a few short years as an architect at Arkitektstudion AB before I moved on to work for youth organisations. Then I worked at the Stockholm district of IOGT-NTO, which is a large sobriety organisation. Since 2008 I and my friend Mohammad Muslim Eneborg manage Inleva AB, which is a small personal assistance company and from 2018 also the owners of it.

From the time of college I  have spent a lot of time with photography.

In 2017 I took an evening course in pottery with my daughter. Shortly after I bought a pottery wheel, clays, glazes, tools and a received a kiln for free, and started my Pottery.

My passion is to communicate, to others and to myself, life as presented to me as a Human Being.

In some way I am a life photographer whom with clay remembers my death,  documenting in words those drops of Blessings that hit me on my way.

My Pottery

In a small room in my house, in an 8 sq.m narrow space, is where it all happens!

Want to try pottery?

I am a firm believer that all humans are potters. It is in our blood, from get to go. Pottery is fun, contemplative and self mirroring!

Are you interested in taking beginners classes in pottery? Want to learn to spiral wedge, throw a pot, turn a foot, and glaze the bisque?

I offer beginners classes at my very small pottery studio.

Prices: 300 SEK per hour plus 150 SEK per 500 gram of stoneware clay. That  includes also glazing and firing your pots!

But I strongly suggests that if you are really interested in becoming a hobby potter that you first take a course at your local Studieförbund. Then you will know exactly what you need to learn more of!


I'd love to hear from you about photography and pottery!


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Below are albums of my latest pottery!