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About the potter

I studied art and architecture at Savannah College of Art and Design in the early 90's. After that I worked a few short years as an architect. From college on forward I spent a lot of time with photography, an interest I still nurture. If anything, I photograph my journey through this life and those intersecting it. In 2017 I took an evening course in pottery and since that moment I have worked with clay almost daily. I have an Ruben Lind electric oven for stoneware from 1979  in my home studio, as well as a Shimpo RK-3E potters wheel, tools, glazes and different types of clays (stoneware and porcelin).

Want to try pottery?

Pottery is fun! If you are interested in trying throwing pots on the wheel, please contact me! I offer 4-hour beginners classes in my studio where you learn the basics of throwing clay on the wheel.

Price per class: 500 SEK, including 2 Kg of stoneware clay. 50 SEK per extra 500 gr of clay. For an additional 350 SEK/pot you can get your creations turned, burned and glazed ready to use!

Contact me for more info!

Buy a pot?

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My Pottery

Below are photo albums of my pottery. Please click on an album to see more!