Max Photography » Don't shoot first!


Caution! Have Mercy before you read
And Ever thereafter

Generated words used to take generations
Social media changed that but few know their meaning

Do not Occupy two seats
None of them belongs to you

Do we need Larger mosques?
Or smaller Muslims?

The Earth is the hall of Prayer
Yet We build walls

Do not serve Your religion
Serve the Jew, the Christian, the Buddhist and the Hindu

Be silent! No pamphlets!

We deserve the Sea in which we´re drowning
From Isis to Pegida

Do you not remember what the Beloved said?
Listen to the birds!

If you are lost keep calm
Found yourself?

God was a hidden Treasure
That wanted to be found,
so He Created the world
–Hadith Qudsi–

Who are You?
How old are You?
Where are you?

Listen to your heart:
it says “Allah, Allah”

When you breath listen to your breath
Can you hear?
Allahu, Allahu

True silience is the sound of stillness
True stillness is the moment of knowing that God is allways near

I was in a Mosque and saw no destitutes
I went outside and they were everywhere
See the problem?
Or the solution?

If Your intentions are great
Well, at least good
Alright, average
Then re-boot and ask for cover!

Empty the World from your heart
If it is still filled with blood,
try Again

How can you Own
What you borrowed from Alphabet?

The one who cannot paint a portrait,
draws a caricature
In the caricature the ignorant
sees the portrait

Few are the imams that can hear the mimbar

Some people mistake the word for a sword
But playing with swords is not the same as playing with words

Built with Many hands;
Destroyed with one Mouth

A physical Now is an oxymoron

One Semla is no Semla

I am the fly on the backpack of my shaykh. Carried to great gatherings. Hit by scattered drops of blessings. Buzzing.

Being immersed in yourself brings about comfort and ease like sitting on the lap of your mother. Living the universality of yourself is like riding on the divine beam of differentiated sameness. Locality and universality emerge from cosmic Unity and are sustained by It. (Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri)