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Shadows of echoes of clarity


For the narrow minded

Caution! Have mercy before you read!
And ever thereafter!

The Saint

The ignorant man may not hear the music.
The artist has found the symphony within, and plays along.
The saint lets God play His symphony!

On the journey

Do not occupy two seats!
None of them belongs to you!


Does the world need larger mosques, or smaller Muslims?


The earth is the hall of prayer.
Yet we build walls!

The Dîn

Do not serve your Religion.
Serve the Jew, the Christian, the Buddhist and the Hindu!

Good conduct

Be silent!
No pamphlets!

The tongue of today

Generated words used to take generations.
 Social media changed that.
But few know their meaning.

Cause and effect

We deserve the Sea in which we are drowning;
from Isis to Pegida.


Do you not remember what the Beloved said?
Listen to the birds!


If you are lost, keep calm!
Found yourself?

Problem and solution

I stepped into a Mosque and saw no destituts.
I stepped outside and they were everywhere.
See the problem?
Or the solution?

The rise of human consciousness is the ultimate gift and the ultimate tragedy. With the rise of consciousness you wonder; what is the cause, what is the effect? what is birth, what is death? what is the beginning, what is the end? who are you, and who is everyone else? why is there injustice, why is there justice? All of it arises in order for us to return to original supreme consciousness. The mosque inside, outside, the washroom, the mess they make everywhere – all of it is an expression of destitution of human beings, until they unite with the cosmic Being; the One and only One, Allah. (Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri)

Attention intention

If your intentions are great
(well, at least good
– alright then, average)
then re-boot and ask for cover!

The path

Empty the world from your heart.
Is it filled with blood?
Try again!

Step aside

Who are you?
How old are you?
Where are you?


Listen to your heart:
Can you hear “Allah, Allah”?
When you breath, listen to your breath.
Can you hear ”Allahu, Allahu”?

Sound stillness

Silence is the sound of stillness.
Stillness is the moment of knowing.

Alpha Beta

How can you own that which you borrowed from the alphabet?

A shadow

The one who cannot paint a portrait, draws a caricature.
In that caricature the ignorant sees the portrait.


Few are the imams that can hear the mimbar!

War of the Words

Some people mistake the word for a sword.
But playing with a sword is not the same as playing with a word.


To build something, we need many hands.
To destroy, one mouth suffice.


A physical now is an oxymoron.


Sleep is the vessel for the soul parting from your self.
–Take off and landing are crucial.
Awakedness is the vessel for the enlightened soul.
–Remembrance of God is crucial.

The portal

The distance from here to the end of universe is vast.
The distance from your heart to Eternity is nigh.

Shock of realization

The provocateur is often the visionary.


All the things you do in contradiction to the true symphony, leaves the music unsound.

Let God

Do not tamper with the flow!

The potter

There is no room for thoughts in a perfect dance. No space can contain it, and no time to constrain it.
The appearance of movement is but the desire to be still; in peace with soul, in love with God.

All of these expressions prove that we are still under water; higher, lower, more light, more shadow, changes, changes, changes: differentiated sameness; confusing, and confusion. All of it indicating the original fusion by Whos Mercy we are here in the turmoil, desiring desperately crying for the bliss of the Oneness from which we emerge. Salam. (Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri)


To question is a good beginning.
To be in awe is a great end.

Love me

All the things I do, all the things I say,
all the things I think, all the things I know;
what are these things, if I may, but veils between me and You?
Oh God, let me remember!

For every breath, for every heart beat, for every thought,
that I am with You;
let me live! let me die! let me resurrect! and spare me from my self,
and cover me!
And give me shade, and love me!
So that I may love You, with every breath, and that which is in between!


How can we love, without Your love?
How can we see, without Your sight?
How can we be, without You?

Almond in the Christmas rice pudding

We’re in this soup together: Me and you, the sun, the moon, air and fire.
There is no barrier between us and the stars, neither between our inner secrets and the banana fly.
But there is this,
–and it is not a thing,
that separates us from that,
and it is our soul (like an almond in the Christmas rice pudding).

Spirit: move vertically!

When the soap is cooked, clean with it!


I am the fly on the backpack of my Shaykh.
Carried from great gathering to great gathering.
Hit by scattered drops of blessings.


Hello fellow soul!

Eyes open

The sounds are the same; but now in a celestial melody.
My ears are not mine.

The things are where they where; but now in a heavenly dance.
My eyes are not mine.

Food tastes the same; but now masterly prepared.
My tongue is not mine.

I bump into the same tings, but now a gentle meeting.
My skin is not mine.

The difference is I: not there anymore!

Nothing is yours. Not because nothing belongs to you; it is because there is no you. The real you is an echo or a shadow of a light that is in transit on this earth. There is no you. There is no he, I, him, or it. There is only that cosmic light; and we are here to be prepared to meet it, and be at one with it, and return to it after we give up what we stoved as ours, which is the body, the mind, the biography. There is only it. (Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri)


Friendship is that amazing moment when the curtain between two egos are lifted; leaving both souls uncovered.
Discovered friend.

Fear and hope

My fear is to think I am.
My hope is, to think I am not.


Time for the novice is to know how long left to eternity.
Time for the enlightened spirit is of no concern.

This world

Time-space is where you think you are. Yet in your heart is the portal to eternity.
So where are you? Or rather, are you?

Scent of Paradise

The best a fellow man can do is leaving his self, leaving behind a wonderful scent,
for others to follow.